Selling wholesale

You can use Shopify to sell your products (or products from other companies) to other businesses. Shopify offers a number of ways to sell your products wholesale, from using discount codes to creating a separate, password-protected storefront. Choose an option that fits the size and complexity of your wholesale business.

Use discount codes

The easiest way to offer wholesale pricing is to create discount codes for your online store and then send them to your wholesale customers. This method works well in the following cases:

  • You have a simple pricing strategy, such as one that is based on a percentage discount. For example, your wholesale prices are always 40% of your retail prices.
  • You can manually manage these orders because the number of wholesale products and customers is relatively small and you don't change your prices frequently. For example, you can create different discount codes for each product because you only sell 20 products.
  • You are experimenting with wholesale and you want to test your ideas quickly.

You can also use discount codes to create orders on behalf of your wholesale customers. In this scenario, a customer submits a purchase order for you to review. You create a draft order based on their request and then you email the invoice to the customer. Because you create the order, you control what appears on the order, including the shipping charges. You can also better enforce minimum and maximum order quantities.

Before you send codes to your customers, you should review your shipping rules to make sure that your shipping rules include the charges that you want to apply for your wholesale orders.

Send invoices with a wholesale app

There are wholesale apps available on the Shopify App Store, that can help you with the following tasks:

  • sending an invoice to be paid using the payment provider that is set up in your Shopify admin
  • sending a customized invoice email that allows the invoice to be paid using a different payment method, such as a wire transfer
  • marking the invoice as paid or partially paid as you receive payments

Open another store

You can also open another Shopify store and customize it for your wholesale business.

This method gives you full control over the look and feel of your wholesale store.

When you set up another store so that it can be used for wholesale, you can save time and effort by transferring any or all the content from your existing store to your new one. However, you'll likely need a developer or designer to help you adapt your new store for business to business (B2B) selling.

You can customize your store for wholesale in the following ways:

  • Hide your wholesale products and their prices from your retail customers by password-protecting your store and customizing your theme.
  • Sync products and inventory between your two stores. Because you are using a separate store, all your inventory and product information will be separate from your original store. Instead of trying to manage two stores, you can sync your retail and wholesale products and inventory with an app. If you have more robust needs, then you can use an Inventory Management System (IMS) solution. An IMS solution can bring all your inventory and store information together by integrating marketplaces, inventory, POS, payment processors, and accounting solutions into one centralized source.

Add the wholesale channel

You can use the Shopify wholesale channel to create a separate, password-protected store that is an extension of your online store.

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