Automatically generating blog posts

You can use Shopify Magic to write and edit blog posts using automatic text generation. This feature uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to take details that you provide, such as blog topic, tone, and any special instructions, to write a blog post.

Before you generate automatic text for your blog posts, review Tips for using Shopify Magic text generation.

Draft a blog post

When you create a blog post, you can use Shopify Magic to generate a title and content. By default, American English is the dialect used for English suggestions. The language data that AI uses is largely from North American sources, so generated content might contain vocabulary and expressions that are local to that region. You can change any part of the content suggestions to match what your customers would expect.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Blog Posts.
  2. Click Add blog post.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • To generate a blog title, in the Title field, click the Generate text icon, and then write a description of what the post is about.
    • To generate blog content, in the rich text editor of the Content section, click the Generate text icon, and then complete the following steps:
      1. Write a description of what the post is about.
      2. Optional: Select a new tone from the Tone drop-down menu. Learn more about choosing a tone.
      3. Optional: Click the Special instructions icon and write any additional instructions that you want to add in the Special instructions field. Refer to Using special instructions for information about the types of instructions you can provide.
  4. Click Generate.
  5. Optional: Do any of the following:
    • Click Generate again to view the different results.
    • Select a different tone or modify your prompt, and then click Generate again.
  6. Click Keep to add the suggested content to your blog post.
  7. Optional: Edit and format the generated content to match your brand.
  8. Click Save.

After you generate your blog content, refer to Add a post to your blog to finish creating your blog post, and then publish it to your blog.

Improving the content suggestions that you receive

When you're generating content suggestions for your blog posts, consider the type of blog post that you want to create. The best way to improve the generated suggestions is to provide the AI tool with details such as your blog post goals, the type of information that you want to share, and specific keywords. You should also choose a tone that best suits your brand.

To improve text generation results, consider adding the following types of information to your blog posts:

  • Product keywords: If you're writing about a specific product, then try adding the name and type of product. If the product name is ambiguous, then provide keywords that describe the product or category, such as teacups or candles. Add any descriptors that highlight what makes the product unique or why someone might want to buy it. Keyword prompts can be simple or complex, and you can phrase your prompt in a sentence or just use keywords. You can also include emojis.
  • Important brand keywords or terminology: While the content results will include different phrasing for the information that you provide, special words or phrases are often kept, such as brand names or unique descriptive words. If you include your brand name in your brand tagline prompt, then it will usually be included in the results. For example, if you describe your mint lip balm as mint-astic in the keywords, then the generated suggestions will often include that term.
  • Other blog details: Any additional details that are relevant to the type of content that you're generating should be provided.
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