Dynamic checkout buttons compatibility

There are a few cases where dynamic checkout buttons might not be suitable for your online store. Before you add dynamic checkout buttons to your online store, consider their compatibility with the following features:


Dynamic checkout buttons might conflict with certain apps.

If you use any of the following kinds of apps, then dynamic checkout buttons might not be compatible with your online store:

  • currency converters
  • apps that interact with the cart
  • apps that take customers to an external checkout

Cart attributes

Dynamic checkout buttons don't support cart attributes. Cart attributes are custom form fields that you can use to collect additional information from your customers on the cart page.

Examples of cart attributes include the following additions to the cart page:

  • terms and conditions checkboxes
  • gift-wrapping options
  • delivery date pickers

If you rely on cart attributes, then dynamic checkout buttons aren't suitable for your online store.


Dynamic checkout buttons can be used to buy only single variants of a product. However, if you display a quantity selector on the product page, then customers can buy more than one of that variant. For example, a customer can use a dynamic checkout button to buy two red t-shirts, but not a red t-shirt and a blue t-shirt.

Payment settings

If you don't have a third-party accelerated checkout method activated in your payment settings, then the unbranded version of the dynamic checkout button is the only version that will display.

Button text

The unbranded dynamic checkout button displays Buy it now text. If your Add to cart button also displays Buy it now or other custom text, then this might confuse customers.

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