Theme content is built using sections. Sections are customizable blocks of content that determine the layout and appearance of different pages on your online store. You can add, remove, edit, and customize sections using the updated theme editor.

Shopify's themes have the following types of sections:

  • Static sections: Sections that appear in predetermined locations in your online store. These sections can't be removed or rearranged. Static sections might include headers, footers, navigation sections, or content sections on pages like product pages and collection pages. For example, the Product section determines the appearance of each product page on your online store.
  • Dynamic sections: Optional sections that you can use to customize the layout of your home page. Each theme has a unique set of dynamic sections to choose from. On your store's home page, you can add, rearrange, and remove dynamic sections to create the page layout. You can have up to 25 dynamic sections on your home page.

You can learn about your theme's unique selection of sections and how to customize them to suit your business.

Edit sections

You can edit the content of sections.


  1. Select the type of page that you want to edit.

    For example, if you want to edit your Product or Product pages section, then select Product pages from the drop-down menu. Because the Header and Footer sections appear on every page of your online store, you can edit these sections regardless of the page type that you select. Depending on your theme, other sections might be available on every page.

  2. Click the section or block containing the content that you want to edit.

  3. Edit the settings to suit your needs.

  4. Click Save.

Add sections

You can add up to 25 sections to your store's home page.


  1. Click Add section.

  2. Click the section that you want to add. Each theme has a unique set of sections to choose from.

  3. Change the section's content by adjusting the settings in the sidebar.

  4. Click Save.

When you add an image to a section, the file is added to the Files section of your admin. You can reuse an uploaded image in other sections or pages of your store.

Rearrange sections

You can rearrange dynamic sections on your home page.


  1. On the section that you want to move, click ⋮⋮ and drag the section to a different place.
  2. Click Save.

Moving a section in the theme editor

Hide sections

You can hide sections that you don't want to display on your online store. You can hide sections that are unfinished, or that you are not ready to publish. For example, you can create a slideshow of new products, and then hide the section until you are ready to begin selling the new products. Or, you can create a section that advertises a seasonal discount, and then hide the section until the discount is active.


  1. In the theme editor toolbar, click the eye icon for the section that you want to hide. If you don't see an eye icon, then hover your mouse pointer over the title of the section that you want to hide.

Theme editor toolbar with eye icon highlighted

When a section is hidden, the eye icon has a slash through it.

Theme editor toolbar with hidden section

To show a hidden section, click the eye icon again.

Remove sections

You can remove blocks from a dynamic section, or remove a dynamic section from your home page. Deleting content in this way removes the section or block content, but doesn't delete anything from your account. If you remove a product or collection block from a section, then that product or collection will still exist in your admin. If you remove an image from a section, then you can still add that image to other sections.

Remove content from a section

You can remove content from a dynamic section.


  1. Click the section containing the content that you want to remove.

  2. If the section contains multiple content blocks, then click the triangle to expand the content within that section. Click on the block that contains the content you want to remove.

  3. To remove a content block from the section, click on the block and then click Remove block.

  4. Click Save.

Remove a section

  1. In the theme editor sidebar, click the section that you want to remove.

  2. Click Remove section.

  3. Click Save.

Undo and redo changes

The Undo button reverses your most recent change, and the Redo button adds back a change that you undid. Clicking the Undo button more than once will continue to undo your work, one change at a time. The Undo and Redo buttons are located in the theme editor toolbar.

The Undo and Redo buttons in the theme editor toolbar

Click the Undo button to reverse the following changes:

  • adding, reordering, and deleting sections
  • applying colors, fonts, and other settings, on the Theme settings tab
  • resetting a theme style.

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