Dawn is the first free Online Store 2.0 theme released by Shopify.

Dawn is a flexible theme designed to help you express your brand and boost sales. It includes an adaptable layout, site-wide cross-selling sections, and media-optimized product pages. Easier to customize than ever, sections and blocks let you add, rearrange, and edit every page without coding.

To check if Dawn is right for you, refer to the following chart to compare its features to those in vintage themes.

A comparison between the features of the Dawn theme and vintage themes
Feature Vintage themes Dawn theme
Built for desktop and mobile Yes Yes
Customizable using the theme editor Yes Yes
Supports multiple languages and currencies Yes Yes
Customizable sections Homepage only Yes
Collection page filtering By product tag only Yes
Simplified color scheme Yes
Optimized for speed Yes
Defined sections for app content Yes
Natively supports dynamic sources for metafields Yes

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