Customizations for Brooklyn

Each paid Shopify account receives 60 minutes of free design time from Shopify support. This design time can be used to add specific features to a theme that can help your store make sales.

The following customizations can be made to Brooklyn by Shopify support. Review the description of each supported customization to determine which might help your business.

Design time: 30 minutes

By default, the footer in Brooklyn lets you customize a single menu.

This customization adjusts the footer layout by adding moveable columns where you can add content blocks. The customization adds the following block types: Menu, Text, Image, and Newsletter. You can rearrange these blocks in the footer with newly-added theme editor settings, giving you more control over the design and content of the Brooklyn theme’s footer.

This customization works well for stores that need unique layouts and content beyond the default options, such as multiple menu lists.

Add compare at price to collection pages

Design time: 15 minutes

By default, the compare at price is shown only on the product page, and shows customers the difference between prices side by side to highlight the sale.

This customization adds the compare at price to the collection pages for any products that are on sale. The compare at price displays in the same style that already exists on the product page. This can be added in addition to, or in replacement of, the sale badge.

This customization works well for stores that want to let customers see a side-by-side comparison of the price difference while browsing collections.

Change to a sticky header

Design time: 15 minutes

By default, the header disappears as a customer scrolls down on a page.

This customization creates a sticky header, which means that the header stays at the top of the page as a customer scrolls down. This ensures that the content of the header, such as the search, cart, and main menu, is always accessible no matter where the customer is on the page.

This customization works well for stores that need to have the header content visible at all times, or have pages that require a lot of scrolling.

Add a size chart

Design time: 15 minutes

By default, Brooklyn doesn't have a built-in size chart to display on product pages.

This customization adds a button to product pages that links to detailed information about product sizing. This helps customers make an informed decision and select the correct size.

This customization works well for stores that sell apparel or other items where products have variants with different sizes.

It should be avoided for stores that have unique products or products that don't have variants with different dimensions.

Add a currency selector to the header

Design time: 15 minutes

By default, the selector to change the storefront currency appears only in the footer section.

This customization adds a currency selector to the header section as well.

This customization works for stores that have many customers with different currency needs.

It should be avoided on stores where a large portion of customers use the same currency because it can needlessly clutter the header section.

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