Customizations for Express

Each paid Shopify account receives 60 minutes of free design time from Shopify support. This design time can be used to add specific features to a theme that can help your store make sales.

The following customizations can be made to Express by Shopify support. Review the description of each supported customization to determine which might help your business.

Add main navigation menu

Design time: 15 minutes

By default, early versions of the Express theme don't have a main menu in the header.

This customization adds a main menu to the header. On mobile, the menu can be swiped left or right to view all of the links in the menu.

This customization works well for stores that have vital pages that require links from the homepage.

Hide sold-out variants

Design time: 15 minutes

By default, variants that are sold out still display in option drop-down menus.

This feature removes sold-out variants from the option drop-down menu so that they are no longer visible and can’t be selected.

This customization works well for stores that regularly have some variants that are unavailable.

Avoid this customization on stores that have a rotating inventory. Displaying sold out variants lets customers view all potential purchasing options and return to purchase when the variant is available.

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