Customizations for Minimal

Each paid Shopify account receives 60 minutes of free design time from Shopify support. This design time can be used to add specific features to a theme that can help your store make sales.

The following customizations can be made to Minimal by Shopify support. Review the description of each supported customization to determine which might help your business.

Design time: 30 minutes

By default, all product images display on the product page.

This customization adds an image thumbnail slider that lets users scroll through thumbnails in groups, instead of the page displaying them all at the same time.

This customization works well for stores with a large number of images that have a similar composition.

Avoid this customization on stores that have a small number of product images, or if the variant images show additional product information, such as alternate angles of a product.

Add saved amount and percentage to product pages

Design time: 30 minutes

By default, when products have a compare at price that is higher than the price to indicate that they are on sale, the sale is displayed to your customer by showing the price and compare at price side by side on the product card.

This customization adds the amount and percentage saved for the selected variant to the product card. The savings display only if the compare at price exceeds the sale price.

This customization works well for merchants who want to highlight the exact discounts that customers receive when the variant is on sale.

Require customers to complete the cart notes field

Design time: 15 minutes

By default, the Cart notes field is an optional field for customers to fill out.

This customization makes the Cart notes field a required field when a customer wants to check out.

This customization should be avoided on stores that don't need customers to provide additional information for their order using notes, so that customers aren’t unnecessarily restricted from completing their purchase.

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