Narrative is a boutique theme designed for visual storytelling. What makes Narrative unique is its focus on imagery to tell a story. By default, the home page has a full-width slideshow, an image with text, and a video. This layout has a strong visual impact and lets you tell your brand story without a lot of text.

Example online store using Narrative

Narrative is ideal if you want to:

  • use images and video to tell a story about your brand
  • deliver a strong message of your store's vision, mission, or values
  • highlight the unique design of a single product or a small inventory

Customize Narrative

You can prepare Narrative for your online store by customizing its sections and theme settings. Sections are blocks of content that determine the layout of different pages on your online store. Theme settings control your store's fonts, colors, social media links, and the appearance of your checkout.

See the steps to customize Narrative's sections and theme settings so that you can set the theme up to suit your business.

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