Tips for Simple

This article outlines some helpful hints and best practices that can help you to set up Simple for your online store.

Add a drop-down menu

To add drop-down menus to your main menu, you need to create menus on your Navigation page.

Image tips

Product images

Higher resolution photos look more polished and professional in the Simple theme, so images should be at least 1024 x 1024px. Your images can be as large as 2048 by 2048. Images are automatically scaled down when necessary.

The optimal width to height ratio for your product photos is a square.

Ideally, your photos should have a flat color background along the edges. Flat is a solid color with no shading or highlight. All photos should share the same flat color along their edges.

Set an image for blog posts

The first image from your blog article will be chosen as the featured image for the blog landing page. Learn how you can add an image to a blog article.

Video thumbnails are not automatically displayed on your blog landing page. You can manually add a thumbnail of a video by adding a still to your blog post excerpt.

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