Tips for Venture

This article outlines some helpful hints and best practices that can help you to set up Venture for your online store.

Show collection images in the navigation menu

You can show images of products in a collection in a Venture drop-down menu. If a customer sees an item that they like in the menu, they can go straight to the product page without having to find that item on the collection page.

The header, with a menu selected. Images of the products in the collection appear in the menu.

To show product images from a collection, your menu must meet the following criteria:

  • Your menu must have nested menu items.
  • The top-level item must be a collection.
  • When you add the top-level collection to the menu, you must select it from the Link menu. If you enter the collection URL in the Link field manually, then images will not appear.

If your menu does not meet these criteria, then the top navigation menu will display links instead of product images.

To hide product images for the top level of a nested menu, enter the collection URL in the Link field manually.

Disappearing main menu

If the links in your main menu can't fit onto a single line, then the menu is replaced by a Menu button. Customers can click the button to open a slide-out panel with all of your main menu links.

If you don't want your main menu to collapse into a button, then you can try a few things:

  • Remove some links from your main menu to reduce clutter.
  • Rewrite your main menu links to use fewer characters. For example, you could change "Frequently asked questions" to "FAQ".
  • Use a narrower font for your menu items. You can choose the font used for menu items by editing the "Body text" option under Typography in the theme editor.

Using text in your slideshow

People will view your theme on devices of all different sizes. Based on their browser size, customers might only see part of your slideshow images. For this reason, you shouldn't use images with text in them in your slideshow. If the text in the image gets cropped, or parts of the text are obscured, then your customers won't be able to read it.

If you want to add text to your slideshow that will resize depending on the device it's viewed on, enter it as Heading text.

To add heading and subheading text to a slide:

  1. Click Slideshow.
  2. For each slide in your slideshow, you can add Heading text. Add any text that you want to show on your slideshow images.
  3. Click Save.

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