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Fraud Filter reduces chargebacks by filtering and blocking potentially-fraudulent orders. Based on a set of rules that you define, the app can either warn you of a high-risk order or cancel it entirely.

Fraud Filter does not guarantee coverage against chargebacks and Shopify is not liable for any chargebacks occurred on our platform. You are responsible for costs that are associated with chargebacks.

Fraud Filter can help to protect your business in several ways:

  • Add extra protection above and beyond what the built-in fraud analysis provides.
  • Let you review potentially risky orders before capturing funds and fulfillment.
  • Warn you of potentially fraudulent orders or cancel orders outright.
  • Create filters for certain customers.
  • Create filters for customers from a particular referring site.
  • Create filters for certain brands of credit cards.

If a payment is made using a third-party payment provider, then that payment cannot be canceled automatically using the the Fraud Filter app.

Set up Fraud Filter rules

Fraud Filter rules need to be created carefully to cover fraud cases and avoid canceling or flagging legitimate orders. Fraud Filter rules don't guarantee that chargebacks won’t happen. Fraud Filter does not guarantee protection from fraudulent orders.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.

  2. Click Fraud Filter to open the app.

  3. Click Add a new filter.

  4. On the New Rule page, configure your rule in the Rules section. Every rule can be made up of one or more logic rules. For example, you can use contains as the operator to block all orders associated with any email address from a specific domain.

  5. After you've entered the logic for a rule, click Add rule.

  6. In the Details section, enter a name for the rule in the Filter name field.

  7. In the Action section, select the action that you want the app to take when it recognizes an order that meets the rules:

    • Cancel Order - The app automatically cancels the order.
    • Warning - The app displays a notification about the order in your Shopify admin.
  8. In the Options section, select any additional actions to be taken when the rules are met.

  9. When you're done, click Save.

Responding to notifications from Fraud Filter

If a rule is set to warn you about an order, then Fraud Filter notifies you on the order's page that you have an order that matches one of your Fraud Filter rules.

Even if Shopify's fraud analysis isn't warning of potential fraud, you see a warning in the order's Fraud analysis section that Fraud Filter detected potentially fraudulent activity, with a clear indication that the app's rule was triggered by the order:

Risk analysis section

From the customer's perspective, the order processes normally. If a rule is set to cancel an order, then the order is accepted but then immediately canceled. Any order that Fraud Filter cancels is recorded on the app's Orders page, where it can be edited if necessary. A notification about the particular order also displays in the Shopify admin.

Fraud Filter FAQ

Can Fraud Filter prevent fraud entirely?

No. Fraud Filter can't guarantee that you'll never receive a fraudulent order. It cannot predict whether an order could be fraudulent unless it matches a particular rule you create in the app. If possible, review an order's fraud analysis before fulfilling it.

Does a customer know that their order is matching a rule set in Fraud Filter?

No. Fraud Filter doesn't notify customers that their order appears to be fraudulent, giving you an advantage when reviewing orders that provide a warning or cancellation action based on a rule set in Fraud Filter. A customer might see that their card was declined, which could lead to them contacting you. Be sure to check Fraud Filter's Orders page in this case.

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