Managing your orders

Besides fulfilling orders and taking payment, you might want to tag open orders, add notes to them, review the order's Timeline, or follow up with the customer.

View an order's Timeline

You can view the detailed history and enter notes and comments for orders in the Timeline section of the order details page. Timeline also lets you communicate with staff members, attach files to an order, and link to other products, orders, and customers within an order.


Check an order's currency

If you are selling in multiple currencies, then you always view your orders in your store currency. You can preview what the order looks like in your customer's currency.

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Click the number of the order that you want to view.

  3. In the payment section, click View order in customer's currency.

Add tags or notes, or edit an order

You can update information associated with an order from the Orders page of Shopify.


Contact a customer about an order

Shopify stores all your customers' contact information. You can add additional contact information by clicking Edit in the Contact section of the order page and entering the details. If you give customers the option of entering an email address or phone number at checkout, then you might only see the contact information that they chose to enter in the Contact section. To contact a customer who chose to enter a phone number, call the number that they entered.


Resend an email about an order to a customer

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. From the Orders page, click the number of the order.

  3. In the Timeline section, click Resend email under the email that you want to send again:

    Order - resend email

  4. In the Resend order confirmation? dialog, click Send.

Subscribe to your orders feed

You can track your store's orders using its RSS feed.

Your orders feed URL is:

You can find your store's orders feed on the /admin/feed page in your Shopify admin.

What you can use:

Mac users

PC users

Enable push notifications

View the order status page of an order

When your customers complete a checkout, they're given a URL to the order status page, which is the final page of the checkout process.

They can track the status of their order on this page, and might contact you if they have questions about their order.

You can access the page that they see from your Shopify admin.

Learn more about the order status page ›


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Orders.

  2. Use the search box to find your customer's order. You can search for the order if you have any of the following information:

    • order number
    • receipt number if the order was created in Shopify POS
    • customer name
    • customer email address.
  3. Click the order's number to view its details.

  4. Click the More actions menu, then click View order status page:

    Order details page menu
    You are redirected to the same order status page that your customer can view.

Archive a fulfilled order

When you fulfill an order, you can archive it to remove it from the list of open orders. Archiving lets you keep track of open orders that have not yet been completed, and to make sure that you have an accurate count of open orders in Shopify.

To see a complete list of your archived orders, you can apply a filter to your orders list.

If you want all orders to be automatically archived after they have been fulfilled, then enable this option under the Order Processing section of the Checkout settings in your Shopify admin.


Your order is now displayed as archived.

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