Pending payments from additional providers

When the payment status for an order is Payment pending, then you might be restricted from editing, canceling, or manually collecting payment for the order. These restrictions can apply to orders where the customer paid using cryptocurrency, wire, barcodes, or other alternatives to credit card payments.

The restrictions are there to keep information synchronized between your payment provider's system and your Shopify order, and to support a smooth payment process.

Depending on the payment type, it can take several days for a payment provider to process a payment. In this case, the provider marks your order payment status as Payment pending to indicate that they've started processing, but need time to complete the payment. Pending payments have an expiry date, which is typically a week. Refer to your payment provider for specific details about the expiry date of a payment.

While the order's payment status is Payment pending, the following actions might be blocked:

  • editing order items, discounts, or shipping address
  • restocking items
  • canceling the order
  • manually collecting payment
  • marking the order as paid

When the payment status changes, the restrictions are removed.

If a payment is successful, then your customer receives an email to let them know that their payment for the order was received.

If a payment fails, then your customer receives an email to let them know that their payment couldn't be processed. The email includes a Pay now link that the customer can use to try paying again.

Preview the default Pending payment error and Pending payment success email notifications in your Notifications settings. You can also customize the notifications.

If a payment can't be processed for any reason, or if processing isn't complete before the expiry date, then the payment status for the order changes to Expired. In this case, before you cancel the order, contact the payment provider to find out if the payment can still be captured.

You aren't prevented from fulfilling orders, but to ensure that you get paid, wait until the payment status is Paid before you fulfill the order.

If an additional payment provider is using an older platform, then you aren't prevented from modifying orders that have the Payment pending status.

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