Managing self-serve returns

When a customer submits a return request, you receive an email to review the request. You can approve or decline the request in your Shopify admin. If you approve a return request, then you can email shipping instructions and any return labels to your customer.

Approve a return request

You can review a return request and approve it. You need to select how to return the products.

If your store and your customer's shipping address are based in the United States, then you can create return labels directly in your Shopify admin, and then email them to your customers.

After you create a return, a confirmation email is sent to your customer. If you create or upload a return label, then it's also included in the email.


After you receive and inspect the returned items, you can issue a refund, and restock applicable items.

Decline a return request

You can review a return request and decline it. You need to select a decline reason and create a decline message for your customer. A decline reason isn't displayed to your customer and is for internal use only.

After you decline the return request, your customer receives an email with the decline message.


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