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Manage workflows

Manage workflows across all your stores. Flow in Shopify Plus lets you manage all your workflows across all your stores. It offers the same functionality as the Shopify Flow app that you can install in your stores.

Shopify Flow lists the workflows for each store and lets users perform the following actions:

  • Create workflows for a store. You can create workflows from templates, manually, and by importing them.
  • Create copies of workflows for stores.
  • Edit, delete, enable, and disable workflows for any store.

Create workflow copies for your stores

Previously, to reuse a workflow in another store, you had to export it and then import it to the other store. Now, you can create copies of your workflows for each store and enable them.

Shopify Flow organization-level access

You need the Shopify Flow organization-level access to use Shopify Flow in Plus. This access lets users manage workflows for any store without having to have store access.

Store versions not required

You can use Shopify Flow in both Shopify Plus and in your Shopify admin. Changes that you make in either location will be reflected in both locations. [TBD: Is this true?] If you have staff members who only have access to certain stores and you don't want to give them access to all your stores in Shopify Plus, then they can continue to use the Shopify Flow app in those stores as before. Otherwise, you don’t need to install Shopify Flow in a store to run workflows for that store.

Limitations and known issues

If you have a workflow that uses a connector app and you want to run it in a store, then that store needs to have the connector app installed. If the store doesn’t have the connector app installed, then you are prompted to install it. You don't need to install Shopify Flow in that store.

[TBD: Is this true? What about when you need to add them?] If you need to change the authentication settings in the Asana, Google Sheets, Slack, or Trello connectors, then the store needs to have a copy of the Shopify Flow app installed. You must log in to the store and change the setting in the Shopify Flow app.

If you uninstall the Shopify Flow app from a store, then your workflows are disabled for that store. The workflows still exist in Shopify Plus, so you can log in to Plus and re-enable them.

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