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As you expand your organization, you can add stores to it. You can view and add stores in Stores.

To view and add Stores, you need to have the User and store management organization-level access. Users with this permission can approve any additional financial charges when they add stores.

When you add a store, you become the store owner. To change the account owner, you need log in to the store.

To configure specific settings for a store, such as its payment providers or shipping settings, you need to log in to the store itself.

Currently, to change the store type (development to production), downgrade the plan, or to deactivate or close a store, you need to contact Shopify Plus Support.

Add a store

Usually when you add a store, it is created right away. If the requested store could exceed your contract, the request is sent to Shopify Plus and you could be prompted to approve an extra fee. In these cases a trial store is created. Within a few days, Shopify Plus will process your request, upgrade your store to production store, and send you a confirmation email.


  1. From Shopify Plus, open Stores.
  2. Click Add store.
  3. Enter the purpose, name, and URL for the store.
  4. Click Add Store.

Your store is created and you are the store owner. You can now log in to the store and start adding details.

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