Resetting two-step authentication in Shopify Plus

If you have verified ownership of your domain, then you can reset two-step authentication for users in your organization that have been locked out of their accounts. Two-step authentication can be reset only for users that have an email address that is associated with your verified domain.

For example, your organization has verified the domain Two of the users in your organization, Jonathan and Leslie, are locked out of their accounts. Leslie uses the email address Because this is an email address that uses the domain that you have verified, you can reset Leslie's two-step authentication. Jonathan uses the email address` This is an email address that uses a public domain that can't be verified by your organization, so you can't reset Jonathan's two-step authentication. To regain access, Jonathan needs to enter a recovery code. If he no longer has recovery codes, then follow the two-step authentication troubleshooting steps.

Resetting two-step authentication requires the Users organization-level permission.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings.
  2. In the Organization section, click Users > Security.
  3. Click the username to reset two-step authentication for.
  4. In the Two-step authentication section, click Reset authentication.
  5. Confirm your login information.
  6. Click Reset.

After you have reset the user's two-step authentication, your user is prompted to set up a new two-step authentication method if it's required by your organization.

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