Fraud prevention

Your Shopify store provides you with information and tools to help prevent fraudulent activity. Review the following table to learn more about the fraud-prevention features and tools that are available. These features and tools can help inform the actions that you can take to minimize fraud and its impact on your store.

Fraud protection features at Shopify
Fraud analysis
  • Stores that use Shopify Payments.
  • Stores that use most third-party payment processors and are on the Shopify, Advanced Shopify, or Shopify Plus plan.
Use fraud analysis to help decide which orders to fulfill, based on key insights and risk levels.
Shopify ProtectUS stores that use Shop Pay.Use Shopify Protect to protect eligible orders against fraudulent and unrecognized chargebacks.
Shopify Flow
  • Stores on the Basic, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, or Shopify Plus plan.
  • Stores that use Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN).
Use Shopify Flow's workflows to create rules, allow lists, and block lists that control which orders your store accepts.
Dynamic 3DSStores that use Shopify Payments.If you use Shopify Payments and your store is located in a PSD2 region, then you automatically use a 3D Secure (3DS) checkout flow. Shopify Payments only uses 3DS when required by the card-issuing bank.
Card testing protectionStores that use Shopify Payments.Integrated card testing protection helps to prevent credit card fraud at checkout.
Dispute managementStores that use Shopify PaymentsDispute management is automated to help you to focus on running your business.
Proxy detectionStores that use Shopify Payments.Customers using a proxy service or IP address are flagged.
Authorization rate optimizationStores that are on the Shopify Plus plan, use Shopify Payments, and use the ShopifyQL Notebooks app.Shopify Payments uses machine learning to optimize the authorization rates for transactions, which can help to increase the number of accepted authorizations and lessen the number of declined transactions in your store. This is done by improving the information that's provided to payment processors when a transaction is submitted, and by recovering declined transactions with smart retries and rerouting.
Payment capture controlStores that don't use Shopify Payments.When your store automatically captures payments for all orders, including high-risk ones, be aware of the third-party transaction fees relevant for your orders. You can control the orders that you accept payment from, and when you accept the payment, with the Payment capture settings in your Shopify admin's Payments page.

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