Supported PayPal providers

Because of PayPal's global availability, it is one of the most commonly used payment providers on the Shopify platform. Shopify supports the following PayPal payment integrations:

  • PayPal Express
  • PayPal Payflow Pro
  • Venmo

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PayPal Express

We strongly suggest using PayPal Express instead of PayPal Standard. PayPal Standard is deprecated and support for it will be removed from Shopify eventually. PayPal Express is more reliable because PayPal doesn't have to send IPNs (payment notifications) to Shopify. IPNs can be lost, which can prevent orders from being marked as paid on the Shopify side.

Detailed order summary

PayPal Express supports a detailed order summary with descriptions for all line items.

Automated order cancellations

When you cancel an order in Shopify, the amount will be automatically refunded to the customer without requiring you to visit your PayPal account.

Accelerated onboarding

You can start accepting payments right away without having a PayPal account. You can sign up later after you've already received payments from your customers.

One-click checkout button

PayPal Express adds a one-click accelerated checkout button to the cart or checkout to let customers log in to their PayPal account to pay without entering any address information. Learn more about accelerated checkouts.


Venmo is an online money-transfer service that lets customers in the United States make payments directly from the Venmo app on their mobile device. If you are a merchant in the United States, and have PayPal Express Checkout activated in your checkout, then Venmo displays as an accelerated payment option on your store. Learn more about accelerated checkouts.

Only customers in the United States who have the Venmo app installed on their mobile device are eligible to use Venmo in your checkout.

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