Activating Shop Pay Installments purchasing power

The Shop Pay Installments purchasing power feature allows your customers to view their Shop Pay Installments payment options at the beginning of their purchase journey. This feature can help improve your conversion rates and increase the average order value.

Activate Shop Pay Installments purchasing power

To activate Shop Pay Installments purchasing power, you need to add the following banners:

Shop Pay Installments purchasing power customer experience

Your customers can check their eligibility and purchasing power for Shop Pay Installments on product pages only for products with a value of at least 150 USD or when the potential shopping cart value is at least 150 USD.

To check their eligibility for the Shop Pay Installments, a customer goes through the following steps:

  1. The customer goes to the product page of the product that they want to buy.
  2. In the Shop Pay Installments product page banner, the customer clicks Check your purchasing power.
  3. The customer signs up or logs into their Shop Pay account.
  4. The customer clicks Check if you qualify to check their eligibility for Shop Pay Installments.
  5. The customer reviews all of the installment payment options that are available to them, and then clicks Continue to checkout.
  6. The customer chooses the installment payment option at checkout, and then makes their first payment at checkout.
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