Shop Cash

Shop Cash is a reward available to some Shop app customers. These customers can earn 3% in Shop Cash on eligible orders paid for using Shop Pay. While customers can earn Shop Cash both in the Shop app and on your online store, Shop Cash can only be redeemed towards purchases made in the Shop app. You can't opt out of accepting Shop Cash as a payment method.

Your customers can learn more about using their Shop Cash by visiting the Shop Help Center.

Get paid with Shop Cash

When a customer uses Shop Cash towards an order, their Shop Cash is applied first, and any remaining balance is paid for with Shop Pay.

Shopify funds Shop Cash, and there's no additional cost to you to accept Shop Cash. This means that when a customer redeems Shop Cash, you're paid the full purchase amount.

You get paid for orders made using Shop Cash as a payment method the same way that you're paid for Shop Pay orders. When you view a payout that includes Shop Cash, the payment type appears on the statement as Shop Cash Credit.

While Shop Cash follows the Shopify Payments payout schedule, you might be paid out for the Shop Cash portion of an order the day following your Shopify Payments payout. You can view your payouts for more details on your payment schedule.

Shop Cash will also appear as a payment method in your Shopify analytics, as part of your finance reports.

Refund an order paid for with Shop Cash

When you fully refund an order that was made using Shop Cash, the refund is first applied to the card that your customer used with Shop Pay. Any remaining balance is then credited back to the customer in Shop Cash. Customers can check their Shop Cash balance in the Shop app.

For example, if a customer pays for a $100 order with $20 Shop cash, and $80 through Shop Pay, then they're refunded up to $80 to their Shop Pay payment method. The rest of the refund is credited back to their Shop Cash balance.

If you partially refund an order that includes Shop Cash as a payment type, then you can choose the refund amount that's refunded to the Shop Pay payment method, and how much is credited back to the customer's Shop Cash balance.

If you participate in the Shop Cash campaigns early access program, and a customer requests a refund, then they're only refunded the amount of Shop Cash they started with, and not the increased amount.

Learn how to refund an order made with Shop Pay.

Shop Cash campaigns

Shop Cash campaigns allow you to increase the value of Shop Cash on your store to help convert first time sales on the Shop app. When you opt in to Shop Cash campaigns, your offer is shown to potential new customers in Shop Cash offers section of the app, and you only pay for successful sales. Customers who have purchased from your store before won't be able to view your Shop Cash offer.

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