Shopify Payments account holds

After you set up your Shopify Payments account, you might receive a message prompt in your Shopify admin or an email from Shopify that indicates that your Shopify Payments account is on hold. The in-admin prompt might include information specific to your store, or it might request that you contact Shopify Support. Only the account owner can access specific account details.

The best source of information to resolve the issue is in the in-admin prompt or in the email that is sent to the account owner. It's important to follow any email requests or admin prompts to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. If there isn't enough information, then you can contact Shopify Support.

Why is my account on hold?

Account holds are placed for a variety of reasons, and are account specific. Shopify Payments accounts are subject to standard reviews throughout the account's lifespan.

Some possible reasons for account holds are related to information requirements, incorrect bank account details, and issues with product eligibility.

You can learn more about each country's specific Shopify Payments Terms of Service and Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy.

Why is my account being put on hold after I've already started getting orders?

Every store that sets up an account on Shopify Payments is legally subject to the standard review process, which happens throughout the account's lifespan.

After you finish setting up your Shopify Payments account for the first time, you can use it to accept payments right away. However, if Shopify's banking partners require more information for your business, then your Shopify Payments account is put on hold until your details can be verified.

I'm a staff member on the account. Can I resolve the hold?

No. Only the account owner is authorized to access Shopify Payments account details, and therefore the only one who can resolve a hold on the account. Staff members might encounter a generic admin prompt or an email suggesting to contact the account owner.

I'm the account owner but I can't find an email about the account hold

If you can't find an email in your inbox, then make sure to check your spam folder. The email is sent to the account owner email address listed in your Shopify admin. To confirm which email is the account owner email address, go to Settings > Users and permissions and click the name under Store owner. The email address is listed under the name on the Store profile page.

If you're certain you didn't receive an email about the hold, then contact Shopify Support for next steps.

How do I know if an email from Shopify is legitimate?

Before you click any links in an email, or give your business and banking information to anyone, learn more about protecting your account against phishing, vishing, and smishing.

Can my customers still check out while my payouts are on hold?

It depends. In most cases, your customers can still check out if your payouts are on hold. However, you won't be paid out for the orders until the hold is resolved. In some cases, your store can't accept new orders. To confirm whether your checkout is affected, refer to either the banner in your Shopify Admin or an email sent to the account owner.

How can I continue to receive payouts?

The fastest way to resolve a hold on your Shopify Payments account and continue receiving payouts is to provide any information that's been requested, and to reply directly to any email from Shopify.

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