Shopify Payments eligibility

Shopify Payments is an integrated payment gateway offered by Shopify. Only eligible merchants can use Shopify Payments.

To be eligible for Shopify Payments, you must meet the following criteria:

If you aren't eligible for Shopify Payments, then you can add a third-party payment provider.

Prohibited businesses and products

Before signing up for Shopify Payments, ensure that your business type and products aren't prohibited.

The following is a list of high-level categories for prohibited products and services prohibited by the Shopify Payments Terms of Service:

  • Regulated or illegal products and services: products or services that require regulatory approval or compliance, such as cannabis and related products, prescription drugs, medical devices, tobacco and related products, firearms, holsters, ammunition, or weapons.

  • Financial products and services: products or services related to money transfers, virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies, check cashing, or credit repair services.

  • Adult products: products or services that contain sexually explicit content, such as adult videos, pay-per-view adult content, or adult magazines.

  • Pseudo pharmaceuticals: pharmaceuticals and other products that make health claims that are not verified by a local or national regulatory body.

  • Gambling products and services: products or services related to gambling, such as sports forecasting, lotteries, bidding, contests, or sweepstakes.

  • Counterfeit products: products or services that infringe on intellectual property rights, such as access to counterfeit music, use of the Shopify trademarks, or other licensed materials.

The list of prohibited products and services isn't exhaustive. To ensure that you can use Shopify Payments, review the list of prohibited business types and products for the country where your business operates:

More details can be found in the Shopify Payments Terms of Service (TOS).

If the type of business you run is not supported by Shopify Payments, then review the list of other payment gateways that Shopify supports.

In addition to the above, ensure that you review Shopify's Acceptable Use Policy including the section on restricted items for more information on prohibited products and services.

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