Failed Shopify Payments payouts

If a Shopify Payments payout fails, then you receive an email, a notification is displayed on the home page of your Shopify admin, and the payout is marked as Failed on the payout page. Until the issue with your bank account is resolved, a hold is placed on all your scheduled payouts.

Resolving failed payouts

When a payout fails, there's a Failed payout message on the payout page that explains why the payout failed, and what you can do to resolve the issue. If the payout failed due to a problem with your bank account details, then there will be a link that you can click to update them.

Review the following table to learn more about why payouts can fail and how to resolve them:

Resolving failed payouts
Reason for failed payoutResolution
Incorrect bank account informationThe bank has rejected the payout with a message that the linked account either doesn't exist, or is closed. Update your bank account information, and then retry the payout. If you're unable to update your bank details, then contact Shopify Support for help.
Account currency mismatchReview the list of supported currencies for Shopify Payments to make sure that your bank account is in a supported currency for your region. If the currency isn't supported in your region, then update your bank account to an account in a supported currency.
Invalid account typeReview the Shopify Payments bank account requirements for your region. If your bank account isn't a supported type, then update to an account that is supported. Examples of unsupported bank accounts include savings accounts and virtual bank accounts.
Incorrect beneficiary or payee nameThe benificiary or payee name on your payout is based on your Shopify Payments account information and registered business type. If the name on the payout doesn't match with the name on your bank account, then your bank might reject the payout. Update your bank account details for Shopify Payments to make sure that the bank account holder name matches the name registered with your bank. If you're unable to view the bank account holder name in your Shopify admin, then contact Shopify Support for help.
Insufficient funds to cover a negative payoutIf you're located in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, or the United States, and there are insufficient funds in your bank account to cover a negative payout amount due to a refund or chargeback, then the negative payout fails. Shopify will reattempt to debit these funds in your next payout. The message will be cleared after there are enough funds to cover the negative balance. Learn more about refunds and negative balances.

If your current bank account information is correct, and you're unsure why a payout failed, then contact your bank to investigate the issue.

If a Managed Markets payout fails and your banking information is correct, then the payout is automatically retried within the next 72 hours. If the payout fails again, then contact your bank to investigate the issue.

Retrying failed payouts

After you resolve the issue that caused your payout to fail, you can click Retry payout on the payout page.

Some errors don't show the Retry payout button. For example, if your bank account is closed, then the message suggests that you add a new bank account to resolve the issue. After the issue is resolved, your payout is retried automatically within the next 3 business days.

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