Viewing your Shopify Payments payout fees

Your Shopify Payments account page contains important details about how your store processes payments and how you get paid, such as your account fees and expected payout periods

Pay periods

The length of time between the date that a customer's payment is captured and the date that your payout is sent to your bank account depends on the country that your store is based in. For more details, refer to the pay period on the Shopify Payments country details page for the country where your store is based.

If you set up a payment schedule, then your pay period is adjusted according to the schedule that you set.

If you use Shopify Balance, then you can receive your Shopify Payments earnings in as fast as one business day. Learn more about receiving payouts with a Shopify Balance account.

Payout fees

When you use Shopify Payments, you pay the credit card rate, but you don't pay a transaction fee. Stores that use a third-party payment provider instead of Shopify Payments pay both a transaction fee from Shopify, and credit card fees charged by their third-party payment provider. Learn more about Shopify plan fees and charges.

View your Shopify Payments credit card rate

Your credit card rate depends on your Shopify Plan. You can check your current Shopify Payments credit card rate in your Shopify admin.

You can also view a specific payout for an overview of the fees that you were charged for that payout.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Settings > Payments.
  2. In the Shopify Payments section, click Manage.
  3. Under Standard rates, review your Domestic and Rest of World credit card rates for Shopify Payments.

Tax assessment on Shopify Payments fees

When utilizing Shopify Payments and operating your business from Switzerland, the European Union, Australia, or Singapore, taxes are added on the processing fees. As the account owner, you can access the tax details associated with these fees on the Payouts page. It's important that you review and download your transaction specifics for accurate record-keeping. Shopify doesn't provide you with an invoice detailing the fees incurred for Shopify Payments transactions. Learn more about viewing and exporting your Shopify Payments transaction details.

Reverse charges

In the United Kingdom and within the European Union, excluding Ireland, a 0% tax rate, termed as a reverse-charge, is applicable. This means that you need to maintain records of your tax data, such as VAT, independently.

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