Testing your multiple currency setup

After you've enabled selling in multiple currencies with Shopify Payments, test the customer experience. Browse your store and create test orders. Make sure that your prices appear correctly in your different currencies and that your apps and customizations continue to work as expected.

Manually switch currencies

The easiest way to test the customer experience in a different currency (without requiring you to change your theme) is to add the parameter, ?currency=ISO-code, to the end of your online store URLs. Replace ISO-code with the currency's 3-character ISO 4217 currency code.

For example, the following link opens the store and shows all the prices in Canadian dollars: myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=CAD. The following link opens the same store and shows the prices in United States dollars: myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=USD.

Example URLs including supported ISO codes
Supported currency Example URL
Australian dollar (AUD) myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=AUD
Canadian dollar (CAD) myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=CAD
Denmark Krone (DKK) myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=DKK
Euro myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=EUR
Hong Kong dollar (HKD) myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=HKD
Japanese yen (JPY) myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=JPY
New Zealand dollar (NZD) myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=NZD
Pound sterling (British pound) (GBP) myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=GBP
Singapore dollar (SGD) myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=SGD
United States dollar (USD) myshopify-store.myshopify.com?currency=USD

You can also create test orders and simulate paying for them using test credit card numbers from different locations.

Preview currencies on your store

You can preview what prices look like on your store.

  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings.

  2. Click Payment providers.

  3. In the Shopify Payments section, click Edit.

  4. In the Enabled currencies section, click the currency you want to preview.

  5. Click View on online store.

Public and private apps

Visit your online store, switch the currency, and test the customer experience. If you've installed apps in your Shopify admin to do the following tasks, then you should test them to make sure they work properly with multiple currencies:

  • show monetary values (prices, totals) in the storefront or in a report
  • send notifications that contain prices to your customers

If there is an issue with these apps, then it could affect the customer experience in your store. Your customers can check out, but they could see the wrong monetary values. For example, an app that hasn't been updated could send your customers emails that show the values of their orders in a currency that is different from the one that they paid in.

Notifications about public apps

Most public apps have been updated to support selling in multiple currencies, but some have not yet been updated. If you've installed an app that is incompatible, then you receive a notification in your Shopify admin.

If you receive a notification when you try to enable selling in multiple currencies, then uninstall the app that it mentions. If you have incompatible apps installed in your Shopify admin, then you can't enable selling in multiple currencies.

If you receive a notification after you've enabled selling in multiple currencies, then you've recently installed an incompatible app and you need to uninstall it. If you don't uninstall the app, then the customer experience in your store is affected (for example, your customers might not be able to complete their orders). Also, your experience in your Shopify admin is affected (for example, you can have issues processing and refunding orders).

Notifications about private apps

If you receive a notification about private apps in your Shopify admin, then your developer needs to review these apps.

Shopify assumes that if you have a private app, then you have access to developers who can advise you on the risks of using these apps when you are selling in multiple currencies. You can enable selling in multiple currencies even if you have private apps that don't support this feature.

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