Sofort payments

Sofort is a direct and secure bank transfer payment method for Shopify Payments. When a customer selects Sofort as their payment method, they need to log in to their account and use a two-factor authorization code to verify the payment.

Sofort requirements

To enable Sofort for your online store, you need to be using Shopify Payments.

Sofort is available only to merchants in Germany.

Activate Sofort

Before Sofort can be activated, you have to set up Shopify Payments.

Sofort must be approved before you can use it. When you activate Shopify Payments, Sofort automatically goes into the approval process, which takes up to 48 hours.

When Sofort completes the approval process, a notification appears on your Payment providers page.

You can find Sofort listed under Payment Methods in your Payment settings.

Sofort is available to be selected as a payment method in the Shopify Payments configuration

Payments with Sofort

The payment gets authorized when a customer places an order and uses Sofort to pay. A bank transfer from your customer’s bank account is initiated after the authorization. The bank transfer takes from 2 to 14 days. Funds are not guaranteed until they have been received by you. During this period, the payment status in the Shopify admin shows as Payment pending.

A customer can't cancel a payment with Sofort after the payment has been authorized. The only way to reverse a transaction with Sofort is to refund the order. If you refund a transaction that was processed by Sofort, then you are not refunded the processing fee charged to you by Shopify Payments.

When a customer pays for an order using Sofort, a chargeback can't be filed for the order.

Sofort customer experience

When a customer visits your online store and makes a purchase, they see Sofort as a payment option during the checkout process.

If your customer wants to use Sofort to pay, they select it in the checkout. After Sofort is selected, your customer is redirected to their Sofort account to complete the purchase.

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