Supported payout currencies

Shopify Payments supports various payout currencies based on your store's location. On this page you can find an overview of which payout currencies are supported in different countries and regions.

Currency conversion and exchange rates

When a customer pays in a currency different from your payout currency, Shopify applies a currency exchange rate and a conversion fee at the time of payment capture. If you issue a refund, then it's processed at the current exchange rate, and no conversion fees are charged for refunds.

From your Shopify admin, you can track the current exchange rates from your Payments section, and view historical exchange rates used for specific orders within the order's timeline.

Changing your payout currency

If your country supports multiple payout currencies, then you can change your payout currency to another supported currency. To receive the payouts, you need to have a bank account in the currency that you have selected in your admin. For example, if your store is located in Canada, and you want to be paid in US dollars (USD), then you need to have a bank account that accepts USD added to your Payments section in your admin.

To change your payout currency, update your Shopify Payments banking information on the Payments section in your Shopify admin.

Specific country and currency pairing

The payout currency you can choose is dependent on the location you have entered in the store details section of your admin. Some regions have one currency available but others have more than one. Refer to the table to verify what currencies you can receive payouts in:

Supported payout currencies based on countries and regions
Store locationAvailable payout currency (bank account currency)
AustraliaAustralian dollars (AUD)
AustriaEuros (EUR)
BelgiumEuros (EUR)
CanadaCanadian dollars (CAD) or United States dollars (USD)
CzechiaCzech Koruna (CZK) or Euros (EUR)
DenmarkKrone (DKK) or Euros (EUR)
FinlandEuros (EUR)
FranceEuros (EUR)
GermanyEuros (EUR)
Hong Kong SARHong Kong dollars (HKD)
IrelandEuros (EUR)
ItalyEuros (EUR)
JapanJapanese Yen (JPY)
NetherlandsEuros (EUR)
New ZealandNew Zealand dollars (NZD)
PortugalEuros (EUR)
RomaniaRomanian Leu (RON) or Euros (EUR)
SingaporeSingapore dollars (SGD)
SpainEuros (EUR)
Sweden Swedish Krona (SEK) or Euros (EUR)
SwitzerlandSwiss Franc (CHF) or Euros (EUR)
United KingdomPound sterling (GBP)
United StatesUnited States Dollar (USD)
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