iDEAL payment provider with Mollie

You can make the iDEAL payment method available on your website through the Mollie payment provider.

The iDEAL payment method enables your customers in the Netherlands to make secure online payments directly from their bank account, if their bank participates in the scheme.

How does an iDEAL transaction work?

  1. Your customer clicks on the iDEAL payment icon at checkout.

  2. They select their own bank from the drop-down menu.

  3. Their online account page opens with the payment authorization fields pre-populated.

  4. Your customer completes the payment authorization (they can't reverse the payment after it's been authorized.)

  5. The amount is immediately debited from your customer's account.

  6. You receive confirmation that the funds have been secured, allowing you to ship immediately.

  7. Payments are credited to your account at the same speed as any other credit transfer.

Participating banks

You might want to let your customers know which banks currently participate in the iDEAL payment scheme. The following banks currently offer iDEAL as a payment mechanism:

For the latest information for consumers, visit or direct your customers to the CONSUMERS section of the iDEAL website, available in Dutch or English.

What does iDEAL cost?

Mollie will charge you a maximum of 0.29 EUR for every successful transaction.

Your Mollie transaction costs are additional to the fees you pay for your Shopify account.

How do I set up the iDEAL payment method?

  1. Sign up for a free Shopify merchant account with the Mollie payment provider
  2. Create a website profile in Mollie for your online store
  3. Provide identification and security information to activate iDEAL in Mollie
  4. Complete the activation in your Shopify Admin.

Creating your Shopify merchant account with Mollie

  1. Follow this link to register for a free account with Mollie.

  1. Fill in your details, then scroll down and click the link to accept the terms and create your account.

  2. When your account is confirmed, you'll see a registration confirmation page:

  3. Check your email for a message from the Mollie team. The email contains the following information:

    • your Mollie Partner ID
    • the username you chose when you registered
    • a password generated by Mollie (you can change this later)
    • the link you need to follow to complete your account registration
    • a link to the Mollie Payment Methods page
    • a link to a general information page for iDEAL.

    Click the link in the email to complete your account registration with Mollie.

    After you've confirmed your registration, you'll be able to log in to your Mollie account at any time by entering your username and password.

  4. When you've clicked the link to complete your registration, you'll be taken to your Mollie account page. The first thing that you should do is change the password you were given to something more memorable.

    Click Wachtwoord (Password).

  5. Complete the fields and click Wachtwoord wijzigen (Change password) to reset your password.

Creating your website profile

You need at least one website profile on your Mollie merchant account before you can activate a payment method:

  1. From your Mollie merchant account page, click Websiteprofielen (Website Profiles).

  2. Click the link to create a new website profile.

  3. Type in all the information requested in the form. Take care to accurately complete all the fields. The details you give must match those in your website and your official business documentation.

  4. When you've finished, click the link at the bottom to create your site profile.

When you've completed the website profile, two API keys are displayed on your profile screen:

Activating the iDEAL payment method from Mollie

Make sure you've created a website profile before you attempt to activate iDEAL.

To activate the iDEAL payment method from your Mollie account:

  1. From your new account page, click Betaalmethodes (Payment Methods).

  2. Click the iDEAL logo to open its contract page.

  3. You'll see a number of sections which you must complete, either by supplying information or uploading copies of identity documents.

  4. You'll need to supply your business bank account details if you haven't already. Click Bankrekening toevoegen (Add bank account) to add your account details. (You can also do this by clicking Bankrekeningen from the left-hand navigation.)

When you've activated iDEAL in your Mollie account, you need to complete the activation in your Shopify Admin.

Completing the iDEAL Activation in Shopify

You must complete the activation of iDEAL in Shopify.

  1. In the Alternative payments section, click Select an additional payment method.

  2. Choose iDEAL via Mollie from the drop-down menu:

    Selecting iDEAL via Mollie from the drop-down menu

  3. Enter your live API key and click Activate.

Where can I get iDEAL banners and logos for my online store?

iDEAL provides a range of both static and dynamic banners and logos, which you can use if you want to promote the iDEAL payment method on your store. Using a dynamic banner means that you need only install it once and it will be automatically updated.

The example here shows how to install the iDEAL logo on an English-language online store. For full details of iDEAL's banners and logos, check out their guidance in Dutch or English.


  1. Visit the Full size static iDEAL banners and logos page.
  1. Find the theme you want to edit, and then click Actions > Edit code.

  2. Click the Assets folder to open the folder, then click Add a new asset.

  3. Browse to the iDEAL logo file on your computer and click Upload.

  4. You can now edit your checkout.css.liquid file or other theme template file to incorporate the iDEAL logo as you choose.

More information

For complete information about the iDEAL payment method and setting up a merchant account with Mollie, visit:

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