Using Kit for email marketing

You can set up email marketing campaigns for your products from your Kit dashboard. After you've created a campaign, you can message Kit to send emails to your customers. You can also use Kit to send thank you emails to your customers after they make purchases.

Set up Kit for marketing emails

Before using Kit to send an email, you can adjust your email marketing settings from the Kit dashboard.

You can choose from eight email templates, and add your store information to the template that you decide to use.


  1. From the Kit dashboard, go to Adjustments > Email Marketing.

  2. Select a template from the list.

  3. Optional: Click Preview to see what it looks like, or click Send sample to have a sample marketing email sent to your email address.

For more details, watch a video on Running an Email Marketing Campaign.

Add store contact information to marketing emails

Before you send a marketing email, you should add your store address to the template to reduce the risk that emails from your store will be marked as spam by a customer's email service. You can also view or change the email address that customers can use to reply to marketing emails.


  1. From the Kit dashboard, go to Adjustments > Email Marketing.

  2. Under Store Address, enter your store information. The store address will appear in marketing emails.

  3. Click Save.

  4. Under Marketing email address, confirm the email address that you want customers to send replies to, and then click Save if you changed the email address. Changing the marketing email address doesn't change the email address associated with your Kit account.

Run an email marketing campaign with Kit

You can send a marketing email by messaging Kit. The emails are based on the template that you set up from the Kit dashboard. If you haven't set up Kit to send marketing emails, then Kit uses the default template. Kit asks you which products to promote, and sends you a preview of the email before sending it.


  1. In the messaging service that you use to communicate with Kit, say hi kit to start a new conversation.

  2. Reply with 1 to market products.

  3. Reply with 2 to run an email marketing campaign.

  4. Reply with the number that corresponds with the products that you want to include in the email:

    • 1 Priority products - the products in your store that you decide are most important to your marketing. These can be products that exemplify your store's brand, best sellers, or any products that you want customers to see. You can set your priority products from the Kit dashboard.
    • 2 Our newest products - the products that you've added to your store most recently. Telling Kit to update fans about your newest products can be a good way to highlight and promote new additions to your store.
    • 3 Recent best selling products - the products that sell most often in your store. If you choose this option, then Kit posts about your bestselling products.
  5. Optional: Go to your email inbox to view a preview of the marketing email.

  6. To send the email, reply to Kit with 1 for yes.

For more details, watch a video on Thank You Notes.

Sending thank you emails with Kit

Sending thank you emails is a great way to build stronger relationships with your customers. To make sure that your emails don't become too repetitive, Kit sends them only to customers after their first and second purchases.

Set up thank you email templates

You can customize the templates for the thank you emails from the Kit dashboard. You can also set Kit to send the emails automatically, or else message you for confirmation before sending.

You can customize the content of your emails, but don't change or delete any of the text found between square brackets ([ and ]). Kit automatically fills in those parts for you.


  1. From the Kit dashboard, go to Adjustments > Thank you emails.

  2. On the New customer template tab, enter your email address, your name, and the subject for the email.

  3. In the Message field, customize the content of the message that goes to first-time customers. Don't change or delete any of the text found between square brackets ([ and ]).

  4. Click Save. You can preview the email, or see a sample in your email inbox.

  5. On the Repeat customer template tab, enter store information and customize the message for customers who make their second purchase.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Under Auto-send, click the toggle to set Kit to send thank you emails automatically or message you for confirmation before sending:

    • When Auto-send is on, Kit automatically sends thank you emails send to customers 24 hours after a customer's first or second purchase.
    • When Auto-send is off, Kit messages you each morning before sending thank you emails.

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