Talking to Kit

You can use Kit to run ads on Facebook and Instagram, get reports on your business, and post social media updates.

If you have morning check-ins enabled, then Kit messages you on weekday mornings to ask if you need any help. Otherwise, you can text hi kit or hi to start a conversation.

Conversations with Kit

From the Kit dashboard, you can change how often Kit messages you with advertising opportunities. Go to Adjustments > Conversations and click the toggles to enable or disable the following conversation types:

  • Morning check-in: Kit messages you each morning to ask if there's anything you want it to do.
  • Market new products: Kit asks you if you want to advertise the new products that you've added to your store.
  • Reinvest ad profits: Kit messages you to reinvest profits from your ads into more advertising.
  • Retarget potential customers: Kit messages you when it identifies a potential customer clicking on one of your ads.
  • Report on ad spend: Kit sends you a daily report on how your ads are performing.
  • Run Instagram ads: Kit messages you to prompt you to turn uploaded photos and videos into Instagram ads.

How to talk to Kit

Kit starts conversations by presenting you with different options. You can talk with Kit by choosing which option you want to continue the conversation.

Choosing options

When Kit prompts you for an answer, you can respond with a number to choose one of the options.

Starting over

You can say hi kit or hi at any time to start a new conversation with Kit, even if you're in the middle of a conversation. This cancels whatever you were doing with Kit.

Taking a break

You can stop a conversation or pause messages to stop them temporarily.


Text stop if you want to cancel all messages from Kit. This stops all messaging from Kit but does not remove Kit from your store.

Text start if you want to start talking to Kit again.


Text pause to disable Kit updates. When paused, Kit only responds to your messages and won't message you directly.

You can text resume to start getting messages again.

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