Team conversations in Shopify Ping

Any member of your team with a staff login can send text and images directly to any other staff on your team in the Team conversation section of Shopify Ping. Team members can also send messages to themselves if they want to.

Retail staff don't have access to Shopify Ping and therefore can't use team conversations. All other team members must have a staff login in your Shopify store in order to use team conversations, but no further staff permissions are required. Team members do not need any apps permissions to log in to Shopify Ping. The amount of staff that you can create is based on your Shopify plan.

If you want to send a message to a team member who is not currently using Shopify Ping, then you can send them an email invitation by initiating a new conversation with them.

Sending a Team conversation message


  1. In Shopify Ping, select the Team section.
  2. Select Send a message, and then the send new message icon, or the team member that you want to message.
  3. Type your message and select Send.
  4. If the team member doesn't currently use Shopify Ping, then an email invite is sent to them along with your message.

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