Hatchful by Shopify is a free tool created by Shopify that allows you to create your own logo. Logos are an important part of branding your store. They help build a cohesive experience for your customers.

After creating your new logo, you can use it in various places, such as your theme, order notifications, and social media posts.

Hatchful FAQ

Can I import my own images, logos, or other assets into Hatchful?

No. But we are continuously adding more images, designs, and other assets to Hatchful.

Can I get my logo in different file formats?

We send logo files in PNG format. However, you can convert your logo file if needed.

Can I save my logo and continue to work on it later?

If you use the web version of Hatchful, then the email you receive after downloading your logo contains a link to edit your logo.

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