Product analytics overview

You can get an at-a-glance understanding of a few key product inventory metrics, including sell-through rate, days of inventory remaining, and inventory value (ABC analysis), on the Products page with the product inventory analytics bar.

The analytics bar displays at the top of your Products page. It provides inventory-related metrics to help you get a sense of how well your inventory is selling, how quickly your inventory is likely to run out of stock, and the approximate value of a subset of your best-selling inventory on hand. These metrics can help with inventory management, restocking, and even planning for sales or specials.

For more detailed information about each inventory metric, you can access the associated inventory analytics reports by clicking the metric’s tile in the analytics bar.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products.

  2. Click the tile for the metric you’re interested in to view the associated report.

The following table displays the metrics available in the product inventory analytics bar, and which reports they link to for further information:

Report information available in the product analytics bar
TermDefinitionRelated report
Product sell-through rateTotal quantity of items sold divided by the (total quantity of items sold + total quantity of items still in inventory). The data is calculated using the most recent 30 day period available (usually a 2 day processing delay, exact dates are indicated in the sell-through rate report)Product sell-through rate report
Days of inventory remainingTotal quantity of items still in inventory (quantity at the end of the period) divided by the average quantity of items sold per day during the periodDays of inventory remaining report
Inventory value (ABC analysis by product) reportTotal value of your A, B, and C grade products remaining in your inventory

A-grade: These are your top-selling products that account for around 80% of your revenue
B-grade: These products account for 15% of your revenue
C-grade: These products account for 5% of your revenue
ABC analysis by product report
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