Collection types

You can create two types of collections, an automated or manual collection.

Automated collection

An automated collection uses selection conditions to automatically include matching products. You can add up to 60 selection conditions. You can also specify whether products need to meet all of the conditions or any of the conditions to be included in the collection.

When you add a new product that matches the selection conditions for a collection, the product is automatically added to the collection.

Automated collections are usually preferred because, after you set up the conditions, future products are added automatically. You can save a lot of time by using automated collections if you have a large selection of products or if you have seasonal or rotating inventories. For example, suppose that you run an apparel store. If you tag all your products with a seasonal tag, such as summer or fall, then all your seasonal attire can automatically be included in the matching collection.

One drawback to creating an automated collection is that you can't remove particular products from it unless you change the collection's conditions or edit the product details so that they no longer match the selection conditions.

Manual collection

A manual collection includes only the products that you choose individually. Because of this, the collection always contains the same products unless you specifically add or remove products.

Manual collections take more work to maintain, but can be a good choice for small or specialized collections that you intend to curate personally. For example, if you plan to hold a one-time flash sale of just a few products, then you can create a manual collection for them and set up a discount for just the products in that collection.

After you create a collection, you can't change its type.

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