Using Autowrite for product descriptions

You can use Autowrite to automatically generate suggestions for product descriptions using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Based on the information that you input about a product, Autowrite can help you create new product descriptions or rewrite part of an existing description.

Autowrite uses technology relying on a Large Language Model (LLM) to generate complete sentences from the information that you provide, such as a product title or keywords. The technology forms sentences based on a vast collection of language data. Language data can include product descriptions on the internet and information about concepts that are related to the product type or other details that you provide, such as materials or production method.

Considerations when using Autowrite

Suggestions from Autowrite can include information about the benefits of a product, even when you didn’t list any explicitly, and facts based on other published content related to similar products. For example, the generated content for a t-shirt could mention things like care instructions (such as machine-washable) or product guarantees (such as guaranteed up to 1000 washes.)

Improve the suggestions from Autowrite

When you use Autowrite to generate suggestions for your product descriptions, consider what makes a good product description. Product descriptions should communicate your product's benefits in a unique way that reflects your brand. When you’re using Autowrite to help with generating content, you’ll get better results from including more details and by selecting a tone that matches your business.

Adding keywords about your product

The best way to improve the suggestions from Autowrite is to provide the tool with more details about your product. Autowrite requires a product title and a minimum of 2 product features or keyword items to generate a description. If you add more keywords or phrases, then Autowrite creates more accurate and unique suggestions.

To improve the suggested descriptions, consider adding the following types of information:

  • Product type keywords. If your product title doesn’t explicitly describe the type of product, for example, a product name like Washington that doesn’t include eyeglasses, then you might get lower quality results. Provide Autowrite with keywords that indicate a product type or category, like hot sauce or bar soap.

  • Information about the customer. The best product descriptions reflect the needs and interests of your target customer. Include some keywords about who the product would be great for, such as their demographic or their values, for example, young parents or eco-conscious. Autowrite can use this information to position product benefits and make language choices.

  • Specific details about materials, production method, fit, intended use. Autowrite can generate paragraph descriptions that include any product specifications you provide.

  • Important brand keywords or terminology. While Autowrite typically generates different phrasing for the information you provide, it often keeps special words or phrases, like brand names or unique descriptive words. For example, if you describe your mint lip balm as mint-astic in the keywords, it will often include that in the generated suggestions.

  • Other product details: You can use the details that you’ve added to your product in Shopify to give you ideas about what keywords to provide to Autowrite. For example, if your product has variants, then you could provide the variant options such as size and color as keywords. Other product details could be considered as well, such as vendor, category, or collection names.

Choosing a tone for your generated content

The tone of your store’s content is how you communicate the personality of your brand, and it influences the feelings customers might have when they read your content. Tone should match the information you’re delivering, the situation, and the expectations of the customer. It should be consistent with your overall approach to content across your brand.

With Autowrite, you can select from predefined tones to get content suggestions that fit with your brand. If you're not sure which tone to use, then experiment with the tone setting to generate different versions of the text to find a good fit for your product, brand, and customers. In most cases, it’s best to maintain a consistent tone for product descriptions across your store.

When you select a tone option, Autowrite changes the characteristics of the suggested content to match the tone that you select, including the kind of vocabulary, sentence structure, and punctuation. All of the tone options produce positive-sounding descriptions that highlight the benefits of your product.

The following predefined tones are available within Autowrite:

  • Expert: Written from the perspective of a product or industry expert, this tone sounds professional by using scientific and objective language, and statements of fact.

  • Supportive: Written from the point of view of someone that empathizes with the customer and wants to help them, this tone sounds supportive, and uses language that is friendly, approachable and straight-forward.

  • Persuasive: Written from the perspective of someone who passionately believes in the value of the product, this tone sounds persuasive and inspiring, using language that appeals to the senses and inspires strong emotions in the buyer.

  • Daring: Written from the perspective of someone who challenges the buyer to be bold and adventurous, this tone uses strong action words to motivate and inspire.

  • Playful: Written from the perspective of someone who doesn't take themselves or life too seriously, this tone uses fun or quirky language, including humor and slang expressions.

  • Sophisticated: Written in the style of a luxury brand selling premium products, this tone sounds sophisticated and refined, using language that appeals to a buyer’s desire for high quality and taste.

Drafting a product description using Autowrite

When you need to write a new product description, you can use Autowrite to help you get started.


  1. From the Shopify admin, go to Products, and then click a product.

  2. In the product description text box, hover over the Autowrite icon, and then click Autowrite.

  3. Enter at least two product features or keywords. The more details you add, the more relevant the suggested content will be.

  4. Click Autowrite to generate the first version of your suggested content.

  5. Optional: Use the following steps to generate and review several versions of a product description before choosing one as a draft:

    • To refresh the suggested content and get a new version, click Rewrite.
    • To change the tone of the generated content, select a different tone option, and then click Rewrite.
  6. Click Keep to add the suggested content to your description and exit Autowrite.

  7. Edit and format the product description to match your product and brand, and then click Save. Published products display the new product description right away.

Revising an existing product description by using Autowrite

You can use Autowrite to edit sections of an existing product description. For best results, when you use Autowrite to get suggested text for an existing description, select a whole sentence rather than just a few words.


  1. From the Shopify admin, go to Products, and then click a product.

  2. Select the text that you want to edit. The selection needs to be one or more full sentences.

  3. Click Autowrite.

  4. Use the following options to generate a suggestion for the selected text:

    • To generate a new version of the selected text click Rewrite.
    • To generate a shorter or simplified version of the selected text, click Simplify.
    • To make the selected content longer, such as by adding another sentence, click Extend.
  5. Click Keep to add the new text to the product description in place of the original selection.

  6. Edit and format the product description to match your product and brand, and then click Save. Published products display the new product description right away.

Providing feedback on suggestions

You can provide feedback to Shopify about generated suggestions to flag any inappropriate or harmful content. Your feedback helps us to improve the quality of the Autowrite tool.


  1. Hover over the suggested content, and click the thumbs-up button to give positive feedback, or the thumbs-down button to give negative feedback.

  2. Select from the predefined feedback types, and then provide any additional details that you want to add.

  3. Click Send to submit your feedback.

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