Checkout links

A checkout link is a link to a single variant of one of your products.

After you create a checkout link, you need to share the link with customers so that they can use it. You can copy the link text and paste it in email campaigns, social media posts, or direct messages. For example, you could paste the link in a Twitter post to let your followers easily buy a product on sale, or you could text the link to a customer who messages you asking how to buy a product.

When the customer clicks on the link, the product is added to a checkout and they can complete the purchase from there.

You must have the Buy Button channel installed to create checkout links.

You create checkout links from a product's details page.

  1. Go to Products, and then click the product that you want to create a checkout link for.

  2. From the product details page, click the More actions dropdown menu and then click Create checkout link.

  3. If the product has variants, then select one of them. A checkout link can only have one variant.

  4. Click Copy link.

  5. Paste the link in an email message, social media post, or direct message.

  6. Optional: Add a discount to the checkout by adding &discount=CODE to the end of the link. For example, if you have a discount code titled 15off, then add &discount=15off to the end of the link. The discount is applied when a customer checks out using the link.

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