Checkout links

A checkout link is a way to create a curated checkout experience for your customers. When you create a checkout link, you can select the product variants, quantities, and discounts that you'd like to apply. When a customer clicks the link, it takes them to a checkout with the selected merchandise, where they can complete the transaction.

You can embed checkout links in webpages as regular links or buttons, or share them with directly with customers. You can share the link in email campaigns, social media posts, or chat messages. The same link is reusable and creates a new checkout for each customer.

Create in Shopify admin

If you have installed the Buy Button channel in your Shopify admin, then you can create checkout links directly from a product's details page.

  1. Go to Products, and then click the product that you want to create a checkout link for.

  2. From the product details page, click the More actions dropdown menu and then click Create checkout link.

  3. Optional: Select a product variant. By default, a checkout link has one variant, but you can add more variants and quantities by constructing a manual checkout link.

  4. Click Copy link.

You can construct checkout links out of the following pieces:

  1. Your checkout link needs to begin with your store's domain, with /cart/ at the end (e.g.

  2. Add one or more of variant_id:quantity, separated by commas if there are multiple. See how to find a product's variant ID.

  3. Optional You can customize your checkout link.

A one-variant checkout link will look similar to the following example:

A checkout link with multiple variants and quantities will look similar to the following example:,31384149360662:1

Checkout links accept a set of query parameters (starting after the ? in the link) that affect available payment methods and applied discounts.

Checkout powered by Shop Pay

If you have Shop Pay enabled on your store, you can add payment=shop_pay to the end of your checkout link to send your customer to a checkout powered by Shop Pay. If a customer is signed in with Shop Pay, then this enables (as low as one-click) accelerated checkout. Customers will also have an option to use a guest checkout, and will be redirected to the guest checkout if you disable Shop Pay on your store.

For example, the following link will initiate a checkout powered by Shop Pay.

If you want to add Shop Pay branding to your checkout links powered by Shop Pay, then refer to the Shop Pay branding guidelines and downloadable assets. You can alternatively use the Buy with Shop Pay Web Component, which renders a Shop Pay button with the contents of your Checkout Link.

Add a discount code

Add a discount to the checkout by adding discount=CODE to the end of your checkout link. For example, if you have a discount code titled 15off, then add discount=15off to the end of the link. The discount is applied when a customer checks out using the link.

For example, the following link will initiate a checkout powered by Shop Pay with the discount code 15off:

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