Using Oberlo as a fulfillment location

You can set up locations in your Shopify admin to track inventory and fulfill orders more efficiently when you're selling or shipping products from multiple locations. If you use Oberlo, then it's treated as a separate fulfillment location, and it appears in the App locations section of the Locations page in your Shopify admin. When you assign your Oberlo products to this location, orders for the products are shown as being fulfilled by Oberlo.

You don't need to enable locations in your Shopify admin to use the Oberlo location option. Learn more about inventory locations.

Set a product's location to Oberlo

All new products that you import from Oberlo have the Oberlo option selected in the FULFILLMENT SERVICE section of the product details. You can manually update products that you imported from Oberlo before the Oberlo location option was available to set their location to Oberlo.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Products.
  2. Click the name of an Oberlo product.
  3. In the FULFILLMENT SERVICE section, select Oberlo.
  4. Click Save.

Viewing inventory locations in orders with Oberlo products

When you set locations for your products, you can see the location of each product on an order page. If the order contains products from more than one location, then products are grouped by location to make fulfillment more efficient.

After you've set Oberlo as the location for products, orders that contain those products display Oberlo next to the relevant product names in the order summary. You can click Fulfill in Oberlo next to these products to fulfill them from the Oberlo orders page.

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