Steps to process your first order

Before you place your first Oberlo order with your supplier, you need to check some settings in Oberlo and on your computer first. After you place the order, you must wait until your supplier processes and ships the order before marking your order as fulfilled. It can take a few days for your supplier to ship your order, which means this process might take a few days to complete.

Review your Oberlo account settings

Review your account settings, such as the note that you send to suppliers when you order from AliExpress, before you process your first order.

General settings

  1. From your Oberlo dashboard, go to Settings.
  2. In the Notify customers about shipped orders section, choose whether you want to send the customer an email every time there is new information about the shipping status, such as the order being shipped or a tracking number being added to the order.
  3. Save any changes.

Supplier settings

  1. From your Oberlo dashboard, go to Settings and then click Suppliers.
  2. In the AliExpress section, create any personalized shipping methods and set the default shipping method.
  3. Review the Custom note that is sent to suppliers when you place an order through AliExpress.
  4. Save any changes.

Prepare your computer to place the order

Make sure that you meet the requirements needed to place your order with Oberlo.


  1. Make sure you are using a laptop or desktop computer. You cannot process orders through Oberlo on mobile devices, such as iPhones, iPads, or Android devices.
  2. Make sure you are using the Google Chrome internet browser. If you don't have the Chrome browser installed on your computer, then you can download Chrome at
  3. Check that the Oberlo Chrome extension is added to your Chrome browser.
  4. Open a new tab in Google Chrome and sign into your AliExpress buyer's account at If you don't have an AliExpress buyer's account, then you can sign up for one on AliExpress.
  5. Make sure that your cart on is empty.

Place your order

  1. From your Oberlo dashboard, go to the Orders page, and then scroll to the order that you want to fulfill.
  2. Click Order next to the order that you want to fulfill.
  3. When redirected to AliExpress, review and check the order's details.
  4. Enter your payment details, and then click Confirm.
  5. Review the order, and then click Place Order.

After you purchase the product from the supplier, the status changes from To Order to In Processing within Oberlo.

Mark the order as fulfilled

After you place your order, you need to wait until your supplier fulfills the order on their end. When a supplier fulfills your order, you receive an email confirmation and need to let your customers know their order has been shipped. Most suppliers provide shipping tracking information but others don't. Choose one of the fulfillment methods below based on whether your supplier provided a tracking code.

If your supplier provided tracking information

You need to be logged in to your AliExpress buyer account before requesting tracking information.


  1. Go to your Oberlo dashboard.
  2. Click Orders.
  3. Next to the order that you want to fulfill, click Get Tracking Code.

Alternatively, you can go to your My Orders page in your AliExpress account and click Send Details, Sync this page or Sync all orders.

If your supplier didn't provide tracking information

  1. Go to your Oberlo dashboard.
  2. Click Orders.
  3. Next to the order that you want to fulfill, click Mark as fulfilled.
  4. Choose whether to send a confirmation email to your customer by toggling Send a notification email to the customer.
  5. Click Mark as fulfilled.

Monitor the order

Knowing the progress of your orders can help you create a good experience for your customers if any delays occur. If tracking information is provided by your supplier, then you can track your customers' orders yourself and make sure that they are scheduled to arrive in the timeframe you advertise.

If you realize an order won't arrive in time, then you can contact your customer to perhaps offer a discount or refund upfront to increase the trust in your brand and increase the chances of your customer purchasing from you again.

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