Oberlo reporting

You can use Oberlo's reporting to monitor the performance of your dropshipping business, such as your sales, costs, and earnings over time. Your metrics appear in the Oberlo dashboard.

Open the Oberlo dashboard

The Oberlo dashboard displays a live view of the performance of your dropshipping business. You can access the dashboard from your Oberlo account, and it includes data from all paid orders.


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps.

  2. In the Installed apps section, click Oberlo.

  3. Click Dashboard.

What the Oberlo dashboard displays

Oberlo dashboard shows the below metrics. All metrics are shown in the currency you set in your Shopify admin.

  • Pieces - Number of pieces this product comes in.

  • Total sales - Total value of sales of this product during the selected period.

  • Sales change - The % change in sales of this product between the selected period and the previous period of the same length. For example, if your product `Summer sunglasses` has generated $150 USD in sales over the past 7 days with a dollar value change of 50%, that means that during the previous 7 day period `Summer sunglasses` generated $100 USD in sales.

  • Sales graph A graph showing when sales of this product occurred during the selected time period.

Oberlo dashboard metrics
Metric What it shows
To Order

Current number of orders for which the fulfillment process hasn't been started.

In Processing

Current number of orders being processed.


Current number of unread notifications in your Oberlo account.

Total Sales over Time

Total sales and costs over the selected time period.


Total value of sales made during the selected time period.


Total number of orders made on your store during the selected time period.


Total amount paid to suppliers during the selected time period. Doesn't include shipping costs.


Total sales during the selected time period minus total costs during the selected time period. For example, if you made a $100 sale and paid the supplier $75 for the product, your earnings is reported as $25.

Top Items

The five products with the most sales during the selected period.

Adjust your reporting settings

You can decide which data you want to see in your dashboard by adjusting two reporting settings:

  • Total Sales - Includes earnings from all Shopify orders, discounts, taxes, and shipping, including products not sold through Oberlo.

  • Oberlo Item Sales - Includes earnings only from items imported from Oberlo, and excludes discounts, taxes, and shipping.

For example, Davis produces and sells his own shaving cream, and also uses dropshipping through Oberlo to sell razors and shaving kits on his Shopify store. When he selects Total Sales, he sees data for his shaving cream, the razors, and shaving kits all in the Oberlo dashboard. When he selects Oberlo Item Sales, he sees data for the razors and shaving kits in the Oberlo dashboard, but not the shaving cream that he produces and sells himself.


  1. From your Oberlo dashboard, click Settings in the Overview section.
  2. Select either Total Sales or Oberlo Item Sales.
  3. Click Save changes.

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