Finding products and suppliers on Handshake

On the Handshake marketplace, you can discover wholesale suppliers and products. If you want to access the product wholesale prices, contact the suppliers, and orders products, then you need to sign up for a Handshake retailer account.

Find products and suppliers

You can find products and suppliers by searching for keywords, or browsing product categories. After you enter a search term or choose a category, you can narrow the results by using filters.

You can search for specific products or suppliers. When you search for a keyword, both products and suppliers that have that keyword will appear in the search results.

After you enter a keyword in the search field, some search suggestions that are related to existing products and suppliers will display. If you click on a product, then you are directed to that product's page. If you click on a supplier, then you are directed to their profile.

Browse a product category

You can browse products by clicking a specific product category in the Handshake menu. After you select a category, you can narrow it down to a subcategory from the left-hand menu.

Filter and sort products and suppliers

After you search for a product or select a product category, then you can specify and narrow down your search using filters and sorting. All product prices are in USD.

You can select whether your search results include only suppliers or only products.

Find more information about products and suppliers

You can find more information about Handshake suppliers and their products on the Handshake supplier profile and product details page.

Supplier profile page

The Handshake supplier profile page gives you an overview of the supplier's brand and their products. Handshake supplier profile pages contain the following information:

  • Supplier name
  • Supplier location
  • Minimum order value
  • Retail online store website
  • Instagram and Facebook profile page
  • Supplier description
  • Shipping and returns information
  • Supplier product categories
  • Full product catalogue

Product details page

The product details page gives you more information about a specific product. Product details pages contain contain the following information:

  • Supplier name
  • Minimum order value
  • Product name
  • Product wholesale price
  • Product retail price
  • Product variants
  • Product case quantity
  • Product description
  • Product images
  • Shipping and returns information

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