Hiding out of stock products

You can use automated collections to hide out of stock products from your customers. You can do this manually on the Collections page of your Shopify admin, or use an inventory management app to do it for you.

You might also want to hide products in your store's default Catalog collection.

Hide out of stock products from your collections

Before you can hide out of stock products from your collections, you need to activate inventory tracking in your Shopify admin. Inventory tracking automatically keeps track of the inventory level of each product that you carry.

Hiding out of stock products ensures that your automated collections don't contain any products that are out of stock, and that those products won't be displayed to your customers. Any out of stock products will display in your collections again after you receive inventory.


  1. Activate inventory tracking for your products.
  2. Change the automated collection conditions for each of your collections, and add the following conditions:
    • For Products must match, select all conditions.
    • For Inventory stock, select is greater than and enter 0.

Hide out of stock products in your default Catalog collection

By default, your store comes with a collection that displays all your in stock products at the URL your-store.myshopify.com/collections/all. You can hide out of stock products from this collection.


  1. Take control of your Catalog page by overriding it with your own automated collection.
  2. Set the automated conditions of that collection to hide out of stock products.

Hide out of stock products using an app

If you don't want to change your automated collections so that out of stock products are hidden, then you can try using an inventory management app from the Shopify App Store instead. Some of these apps can automatically hide or delete products from your store when they're out of stock.

Hide out of stock products using Shopify Flow

You can create a workflow to automate actions on products based on their inventory level.

If you already use Flow, then you can use the Inventory quantity changed trigger to start a workflow that checks the Product variant inventory quantity condition and includes the Hide product action.

Learn more about inventory and merchandising workflows.

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