Reporting within Stocky

Stocky provides reports that help you understand your inventory. You can run reports on where you have low stock, how often the stock of a certain product needs to be ordered, and the financial impact of moving your inventory.

Access a report

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Apps > Stocky.
  2. From the Reports drop-down menu, click the report that you want to run.

Stocky reports

You can view the following reports from within Stocky.

Low stock reports

You can view low stock reports based on vendor, product, or variant SKU.

The Low Stock Vendors report shows you which vendors have variants that have low stock, and which variants are out of stock and the estimated revenue that is lost. It also shows the unique variants you have ordered from the vendor but not yet received.

The Low Stock Products report shows you which products have low stock, and which products are out of stock and not on order from a vendor. If the variant is out of stock, then it also shows you the estimated revenue that is lost each day.

The Low Stock Variants report is the most detailed low stock report. It shows such details as how many days of stock you have left, the estimated date when your inventory will run out, and the day by which you should reorder more inventory based on how long it takes you to receive it.

Product Report

The Product Report shows details about your products, such as the current inventory and amount of sales. The report also displays an ABC analysis for each product, which grades your products based on their sales history for the past 8 weeks. For more information, refer to Stocky’s Help Center.

SKU/Variant Report

The SKU/Variant Report shows each variant's cost per unit, selling price, and number of sales. You can add additional columns to create a more detailed analysis of each variant.

Stock On Hand reports

You can view a current or historical report for your stock on hand.

The Stock On Hand - Current Report shows the current value and cost of your inventory.

The Stock On Hand - Historical Report shows a specified total for all inventory, such as cost price, value, or quantity, for each date in a date range. You can filter the report to base the total on all vendors or a specific vendor.

Purchase Orders Report

The Purchase Orders Report shows details about each of your purchase orders, such as arrival destination, delivery status, and payment status.

Stock Adjustments Report

The Stock Adjustments Report shows details about each stock adjustment, such as the date, the reason, and the employee who made it.

Stock Transfers Report

The Stock Transfers Report shows details about each stock transfer, such as its status, the origin and destination, and the reason for the transfer.

Store profit report

The Store Profit Report shows financial information, such as returns, gross sales, and your cost of goods sold.

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