Tracking and adjusting inventory

Set up inventory tracking

Before you can view or adjust inventory levels for a product, you need to set up inventory tracking for the product. After tracking is set up, an inventory history is available for 90 days.


Selling when out of stock

When you sell out of a quantity of an item, by default Shopify won't allow customers to purchase that item until there is more stock added. You can allow customers to purchase items when they are out of stock by enabling this feature under your product's Inventory section.

You might want to enable this feature for any of the following reasons:

  • You have products available for pre-order.
  • You have stock coming soon and you want to continue selling before it arrives.
  • You want to sell first and then order supplies later.
  • You have a very high quantity of an item and you don't need to track the quantity.

Viewing your product inventory

You can view product inventory on the Products page, which displays a combined inventory count for all of the variants of each product.

You can view the inventory counts for your product variants on the Inventory page. On the Inventory page, you can search variants or filter by Availability, Product type, Product vendor, Inventory quantity, or Tagged with. You can also add tags to your products to help with inventory management.

Adjusting inventory quantities

You can change the available inventory quantity of products in the following ways:

  • on the Inventory page
  • for product with variants, on the product details page
  • using the bulk editor
  • using the inventory CSV file

If you manage inventory across multiple locations, then you can change inventory quantities by location.

Adjust inventory quantities

Adjust inventory quantities for products without variants

Adjust inventory quantities for products with variants

View a product's inventory history

If you are using Shopify to track a product's inventory, then you can view the history of its inventory adjustments. If the product has variants, then you can view the inventory history for each variant that is being tracked, but you can't view the inventory history for all of the variants at once.

You can view only the last 90 days of inventory history for a product or variant.

When you view the inventory history for a product or variant, you see the following information about inventory adjustments:

  • Date - the date of each adjustment
  • Event - the event that caused the adjustment, such as a transfer or an order
  • Adjusted by - the staff member who made the adjustment
  • Adjustment - the quantity of the adjustment change, negative or positive
  • Quantity - the inventory quantity after the adjustment


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