Try before you buy

You can add try-before-you-buy (TBYB) as a purchase option, which lets you ship orders to your customers before collecting payment and then charge them at a future date. You can also create a full authorization on your customer's payment method before fulfilling the order to ensure that your customer can pay for the product at a future date.

If you have a try-before-you-buy app from the Shopify App Store installed, then you can manage the settings in the Shopify admin. When a customer purchases a TBYB product from you, the information about the product, and the payment status, become visible in your admin. To set up TBYB, you need to complete the setup steps in the app that you install.

When you uninstall a TBYB app, any data (excluding customer payment information) that you've created in the app is deleted after 48 hours. If the app has a backup mechanism in place, then you can restore this data at a later date.

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