Shopify Collabs creator connections

Shopify Collabs helps you find, recruit, and manage the connections that you build with creators. After you have connected with creators on Shopify Collabs, whether by inviting creators through direct invites or connecting with creators in the Collabs Network, you're able to manage your relationships all within the Shopify Collabs app.

Manage Collabs Connections

You can manage and view the following information about the creators you’ve started building a relationship with under the Connections tab:

  • the creator’s name
  • any active affiliate relationship or offers you have with your connections
  • the total sales they've generated
  • how many orders they've processed from their affiliate referrals
  • the value of gifts you've sent to them

You can access more details about your creator connections on Collabs by clicking on any creator name to open their Collabs creator profile, which contains detailed information and insights about your current relationship with each creator. Creator profiles display collaboration history, application details, current affiliate offers, gifting history, and sales performance.

Making Connections with creators via Collabs Network

When you opt into selling your product via the Collabs Network, creators also display in your Connections after they drive a sale for your store through the instant offers available to them on Collabs Network. To view these creators, select Connections and filter from Active to Collabs Network.

Remove a creator from your Connections

If you want to end an affiliate relationship, then you can archive the creator from your Connections. When you archive a creator, the creator is notified that there has been a change to their Collabs with your store.


  1. From your Shopify admin, click Settings > Apps and sales channels.
  2. Click Shopify Collabs.
  3. Click Open app.

  4. Click Connections.

  5. Locate the creator that you want to archive.

  6. Using the Actions drop-down, select Archive connection.

After the connection has been archived, you'll be able to view this previous connection in the Archived tab within the Connections page, along with all the performance details and tags that were previously available when the connection was Active.

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