Creating Facebook Page posts in Shopify

After you set up facebook Marketing in Facebook and Instagram by Meta, you can create free Page posts. Facebook Page posts can help you to build engagement on your Facebook Page by letting visitors click a link in a post to see the product in your Shopify store.

It's free to create Facebook posts from Shopify, because they are not a type of Facebook ad. However, when you set up Facebook and Instagram by Meta, you need to add your payment information to Facebook. If you don't create any paid Facebook ads from Shopify, then you won't be billed by Facebook.

Create a Facebook post in Shopify

To prepare your marketing in advance, you can save a marketing activity or automation as a draft. Then, you can publish the marketing activity or automation when you're ready to use it


If you need to edit a Facebook post after it's published to your Page, then you can do so from Facebook.

Facebook post details

  • Products - The products that you want to share. You need to add at least 2 products, and you can add up to 5 products.
  • Post text - The text that appears in the post.
  • Add a discount - You can add a discount code to the post text. If a customer clicks the call to action, then the discount code is added to their cart. The customer needs to add products eligible for the discount to the cart before the discount is applied.
  • Schedule - Select a date and time to publish your post.

Add a Facebook post to an existing Shopify campaign

If you need to edit a Facebook post after it's published to your Page, then you can do so from Facebook.

Delete a Facebook post from Shopify

You can delete a marketing activity that you created in Shopify.

When you delete an activity in Shopify, it's deleted on the related service, like Facebook or Google, and any related ad spend is stopped. While the activity is being deleted outside of Shopify, you see the Being deleted status for the activity. After the activity is fully deleted outside Shopify, it's removed from the list of activities in Shopify. Deleting a marketing activity is permanent.

Marketing activities created outside of Shopify need to be deleted from the service where they were created.


  1. In Shopify, go to Marketing.

  2. Click an existing marketing campaign.

  3. Next to a marketing activity, click Edit activity.

  4. Click Delete activity, and then click Delete activity to confirm.

You can also delete a post from Facebook, but its status isn't updated in Shopify. To remove the related marketing activity, you need to delete it from Shopify.

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