Creating Facebook audience building ads in Shopify

After you set up the Facebook Marketing app, you can create a marketing activity in Shopify for Facebook audience building ads. They appear on Facebook as carousel ads that feature your products, and can help new customers find your online store.

When you buy Facebook ads, you pay for them through your Facebook ad account. Make sure you understand the Facebook Advertising Policies before you create a Facebook ad campaign.

Before you can create Facebook audience building ads from Shopify, you need to sell by using a Shopify online store, and your store can't be password protected. Learn how to remove your online store password.

Create a Facebook audience building ad in Shopify

One of the marketing activities that you can create in Shopify is a Facebook audience building ad.

When you create a marketing activity or automation in Shopify, you have the option to save it as a draft and publish it when it's ready, so that you can prepare your marketing in advance.


Facebook marketing activity details

  • Ad text - The text that appears in the ad.
  • Product - The products that you want to advertise in this marketing activity. You can change the image that appears in the ad or use your default product image.
  • Budget - The daily or lifetime budget for your ad.
  • Choose a target audience for your ad:
    • Similar to your site visitors - Shopify creates an audience based on customers who have visited your store.
    • Similar to people who like your page - Shopify creates an audience based on people who like your Facebook page.
    • Similar to people who purchase from your store - Shopify creates an audience similar to those who purchase from your store.
    • People based on specific interests targeting - You can choose individual interests and target them.
  • Interests: Interests that you can target your ad to. For example, if your ideal customer is interested in dogs, then you can add keywords such as “dogs” or “pets”.

Add a Facebook audience building ad to an existing Shopify campaign

Editing, pausing, or removing Facebook audience building ads

You can edit, pause, or delete draft and published marketing activities so that you can manage your Facebook audience building ads from Shopify.

When you edit a draft marketing activity or automation, you can save your changes or publish it. Draft marketing activities and automations are listed on the Marketing page in Shopify with a Draft label.

When you delete an activity or automation in Shopify, you won't be billed for it anymore. Shopify syncs to the related service to update your account with any changes that you make. While the activity or automation is being deleted outside of Shopify, it shows a Being deleted status on the Marketing page in Shopify. After the activity is fully deleted outside of Shopify, it's removed from the Marketing page. Deleting a marketing activity or automation is permanent.

Marketing activities created outside of Shopify need to be deleted from the service where they were created.

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