Creating Facebook dynamic retargeting ads in Shopify

After you set up Facebook Marketing in Shopify's Facebook channel and you have synched your products to Facebook, you can create a marketing activity in Shopify for Facebook dynamic retargeting ads. The ads can help your customers to discover more products in your online store.

To create Facebook dynamic retargeting ads, you also need to sell by using a Shopify online store, and your store can't be password protected. Learn how to remove your online store password.

Understanding dynamic retargeting ads

Facebook dynamic retargeting ads promote relevant products to customers who have visited your online store. Facebook tracks visitor behavior on your online store using the Facebook pixel, and then builds an audience of visitors who were active on your store in the last 30 days. Dynamic retargeting ads are shown as personalized Facebook carousel ads for each visitor, and include the products they viewed or added to their cart.

When you set up Shopify's Facebook channel, your products are automatically made available to the app. Products that are available to the Facebook channel are synced to a product catalog on Facebook used for creating dynamic retargeting ads. Learn more about making products available to sales channels and apps.

You might see product publishing errors listed in the Facebook channel. You can resolve these errors from the product details page for a product with errors.

Learn more about creating dynamic retargeting ads from the Facebook Ads Help Center.

Create a Facebook dynamic retargeting ad in Shopify

When you create a marketing activity with a Facebook dynamic retargeting ad, you can use the ad template to set up the ad. You can preview your ad before you publish it. The preview uses random products from your store so that you can get an idea of what the ad will look like.


  1. In Shopify, go to Marketing.

  2. Click Create activity.

  3. Click Facebook dynamic retargeting ad.

  4. Enter a name and the ad text for your activity.

  5. Set the budget.

  6. Set a start date and time. You can also choose to set an end date and time.

  7. Click Publish activity.

Pause a Facebook dynamic retargeting ad from Shopify

Pausing an ad stops it from running and stops your spending on the ad.


  1. In Shopify, go to Marketing.

  2. Click a campaign name.

  3. Click the campaign activity for the Facebook dynamic retargeting ad.

  4. Click Pause activity.

View a marketing activity report for your dynamic retargeting ad in Shopify

  1. In Shopify, go to Marketing.

  2. Click a campaign name.

  3. Hover over a campaign activity, and then click View report. Learn more about marketing activity reports.

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